Playstation Symbols


Light up your bedroom with the symbols and icons from the hugely popular and fun PlayStation gaming system. The  PlayStation Icon Light illuminates the dark with a soft colorful glow. Neon sign is made of acrylic tube and neon wire; that’s why it’s more easy in use.

All neon are handmade in our factory, so each piece is the highest quality and unique. Our LED Neon Sign with a cute dimmer switch, you can easily turn on or off by clicking on the switch. And adjust the brightness as you like by long pressing of the neon sign. You can keep this PlayStation Decor as a night light when you sleep at night.

This Game Room Light is the perfect neon sign for: weddings, birthdays, for lovers and any good events, for your home decor. Use it for your children’s bedrooms, living rooms, offices, shops, business meetings! A meaningful message to family and friends you love. Christmas gift and Valentine’s Day.


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