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This Is My Happy Place

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Letter Neon Sign is non-fragile - unlike glass neon, and LED technology is durable and the highest-quality materials. It is environment-friendly LED Neno piping and completely safe and non-frangible. Neon Light Sign is hard to break, cool to the touch, and uses less electricity.

Creative Design LED Sign is used at low voltage and energy saving with making a simple life more colors and interesting. It is easy to install and very soft and will not break even if it is dropped on the ground. This is a great solution for Valentine's Day decoration, provides a romantic atmosphere for your residence.


  • Light source: LED neon tube
  • Uses: wall decoration lights, holiday decoration lights, gift lights
  • Features: shatter-resistant, energy-efficient, recyclable, UV resistant, and conform to CE, RoHS, and UL certification.